Konst-ig Books

Summer Breeze

Stillness and beauty. Summertime in Corsica. This is one of the more stunning book production this year — combining photography, editing and print quality.

“At first glance that long valley may look bereft of life; desolate, yet stunningly handsome. Here, sound has a knack of travelling further than the eye can see. And if you’re all ears and eyes, and leave the paved roads behind, you may just catch a glimpse of life that’s taken refuge from the sun, in the shade of olive trees. If you take the time to follow a jangling cowbell, or the whispering water of a mountain stream, the draw of music from turntables sifting through from the beach, the clip-clop of hoofs on barren ground or even the raucous growling of a Harley Davidson miles away; it is then you might notice a side to Corsica that could otherwise pass you by without a trace. I fell in love with the robustness of the island, and I started making my own notes and keep a journal from one place to another ,” says Anton Renborg , Swedish-born photographer who has traveled the Island of Beauty for five summers.

Anton Renborg´s Corsican journey captures your heart. Lyrical and musical. We can only be in awe of this absolutely stunning Production – Konst-ig Books