Tid Yearbook – Preface

By Tidwatches

In the beginning of 2016 TID Watches teamed up with talented photographer Anton Renborg to set a memorabilia for the months that passed before us. In his strong ability to capture both portraits and lifestyle imagery he has conducted a story on a monthly basis with the constant change of seasons as a time teller.
From cold urban darkness in Stockholm to late summer sun in Paris he tells a story that possesses his sensible documentary dimensions with spontaneous shots of strong individuals in time, each one with their
own unique story.

Born in 1973 in Örebro, Sweden, Anton Renborg discovered his passion for visuals in his early twenties, being a musician, playing in bands, contributing on stills and video clips. Alternating between editorial and
commercial shoots and long term projects since, Anton has developed an appeal for encounters of all kinds and a rare ability to move with ease between social structures, individual personas and cliental demands. Anton is today based between Stockholm and Paris and is represented by Talent and Partner in Paris and New York. He’s the only Swedish photographer with two titles, Notices de la Corse in 2014 and most lately Daysinvichy in 2016, published by the iconic French publisher Filigranes Éditions.